November 25, 2014

About Nirint

Nirint Shipping, we ship worldwide, container shipping, bulk and breakbulk, and rolo and roro transport

Nirint Shipping was established in 1992.

Regular multi-purpose shipping possibilities from the Caribbean to the European continent were scarce and far from reliable which created an urgent need for additional shipping capacity. Nirint Shipping initially filled that gap by chartering monthly conventional tonnage to Europe and gradually expanded to a (current) fleet of modern multi-purpose vessels with substantial container capacity and up to 150 metric tons lifting-gear.

So, what started as a sole customer/dedicated service has slowly developed into a reputable / well acknowledged liner service with a flexible rotation, offering 14 days sailing frequency calling main ports on 3 different continents.

We serve both liner and tramp-orientated shippers. Those, and the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions / circumstances, are our main strengths. Besides developing as a maritime liner service, Nirint Shipping adopted the philosophy of “in-house agents perform better”.

Hence we established our own liner agent-offices in Rotterdam, Bilbao, Antwerp, Montreal, Beijing and several ports in the Caribbean. Said branch offices are not one-dimensional liner agents but offer all other logistic services varying from inland transport (truck/railway/barge) , airfreight and international forwarding to dry/climatised storage and warehousing.

The Rotterdam and Bilbao companies even dispose of dedicated stevedoring terminals where Nirint ships are loaded/discharged under own supervision and ample storage facilities are available.

Nirint’s long-term objective comprises further expansion of the current liner activity as well as intensifying our overall presence in Asian markets.

We realize that “the youth has the future” and we therefore support young talented athletes in various sports and by doing so we try to accomplish an optimum exposure and promotion of our name and reputation.

Besides financial support, we also render if necessary / required, social and mental training to most of our sponsored athletes, as we all know and realize that sports at the highest level is a complicated mix of talent, endurance as well as mental strength and media appearance.

Last but not least we also try to make the athlete(s) aware of the fact that there’s also a life after the athletic career and that during their sports-career the foundation can be laid for a successful life after sports.

The projects currently supported by our sponsorship are:


Nirint Shipping sponsoring baseball
The Unicorns, better known as the “Robert Eenhoorn baseball-school” where young talented baseball-players in Rotterdam receive training and coaching from the best coaches in Holland (including Robert Eenhoorn himself, former player of the New York Yankees and now director of the Dutch Baseball Federation).

Nirint shipping aruba sponsorship Nirint shipping aruba sponsorship Nirint Baseball sponsor


Romana Janshen, a young talented player ready to make her way up the world ranking.


Business facility in the Feyenoord stadium, and direct support of the youth training-centre of Feyenoord Rotterdam.