Nirint Shipping moving goods to Sint Maarten and Dominican republic

Nirint Shipping is helping out the Dutch government to get goods for reconstruction out to the storm battered islands of Sint Maarten and the Dominican republic.

The most challenging part of this operation is the unloading of the goods, which vary from bulldozers and cranes, to containers with school and building  material.
Since Nirint Shipping vessels have their own loading gear and therefore fully self-sustained, we can load and deliver in most harbours, also those where loading facilities are not optimized or destroyed, as is currently the case in these areas.

The first ship will be loaded on November 13th in Rotterdam, we will be doing a few more regular direct runs to Sint Maarten afterwards, see here for dates.

You can listen to an interview (in Dutch) with our Nirint director, Hennie Huigen below, courtesy of  RTV Rijnmond.