Palacia Del Secundo Cabo, Cuba

Nirint Shipping BV donated to the Cuban Cultural Ventures, an organisation which supports cultural projects together with Cuban and Dutch partners. This organisation supports Cuban artists and scientists on art, culture, knowledge and ideas.

The current project is the establishing of the Holland-room in the fully renovated Palacio del Segundo Cabo, which is being rebuilt as an information center. The Holland room will serve as the Cartography room, where especially the Dutch cartographers from the 16th to the 18th century will be put in the spotlight. The Dutch cartographers were renowned for their maps in the past, and literally put Cuba on the maps.

Cuba needs our support now more than ever after large parts of the island were destroyed by Irma.
You can also help by supporting the Cuba Relief fund here. We can vouch for this organisation, they are an ANBI registered organisation, of which 100% of your support will end up on the relief for Cuba, especially in the worst hit area’s.

Palacia Del Sucundo Cabo, Cuba

Palacio del Segundo Cabo