3 years Feyenoord in Cuba, video overview

Nirint Shipping is the proud sponsor of the Feyenoord Academy as well as the annual  Feyenoord soccer clinics in Cuba .

The 3 main forces behind this initiative were (and still are) : Feyenoord International Relations/Soccer Academy  (Mr.  Gido Vader) , Rotterdam Topsport ( Mr. Hans Zoethoutmaar) and Nirint Shipping.

Besides soccer clinics for kids and coaches, the Feyenoord academy and above partners give high priority to the development of  so called ‘life skills’ by  offering and teaching young kids the opportunity to grow and learn on and off the pitch.


In 2014 the first clinic was held in Havana . Thereafter 2 more visits were made in 2015 (Vila Clara and Havana ) and 2016 (Havana).

On 2 occasions it coincided with visits of the Dutch Ministers of Foreign affairs Mr F Timmermans ( ’14 ) and Mrs. L. Ploumen ( ’16 ).

Nirint / Feyenoord and Rotterdam Topsport  are now in the process of organizing the next Feyenoord trip to Cuba ( planned for Oct ’17) , again in close cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,  the City of Rotterdam , ,FME and several Rotterdam- based companies already involved in business with Cuba.

We will keep you informed about further developments.